About Us

For the past 30 years Duncan and Susan have been in the business of raising cattle everywhere from Wickenburg Arizona, the Central Coast of California to La Pampa Province in Argentina. These self-professed contrarians have seen the beef industry get farther and farther away from their ideals. Their experience in Argentina, together with a long study of various grass-fed systems has made them realize that there is a practical, small-scale alternative to conventional cow-calf production for the commodity market.

For the past 7 years, they have raised cattle in Santa Cruz County Arizona. Using the Argentine way of raising cattle with forage based genetics, this grass-fed, grass-finished beef is not the only way they are different. They irrigate year round in a highly controlled environment that not only makes the beef more nutritious, but also re-builds the soil and plant life.

Duncan and Susan know about cattle, they know about nutrition, they know about the soil, grasses, erosion, and sustainability. They saw an opportunity and are now working on a better way of delivering quality beef to our local area while developing a more holistic way of using the land. Their approach to ranching is as different as their unique way of life. They are, after all, self professed contrarians.